• Craig Everett

    Co-Managing Director at Holibob

  • Craig's Ask

    "We were hoping to ask the members of SBN if they have individuals within their network that work for travel agency groups (Hays Travel, Barrhead Travel), or the wider travel industry then they would be open to introducing holibob to them. With the hope of exploring potential commercial partnerships. We would be looking to connect with Heads of Strategic Partnerships, Digital Directors or Commercial Directors.’

    “What are you hoping to achieve by attending the London Launchpad for Global Success event?”

    "The launchpad event has come at a perfect time for Holibob, we are currently scaling up our team and looking to use London as a hub for our team. We want to use this event to better understand the London eco-system, the networks that we should be exploiting and how best to go about that. London being one of the biggest business cities can be daunting for a growing business and having the opportunity to educate ourselves through this event will be invaluable."

    Business Profile

    Holibob is an aggregator in the activity, adventure and experience holiday market. We help online travel agents, airlines and e-commerce platforms to gain a selling opportunity in the fastest growing trend in travel. Our software solution allows for these organisations to surface content that facilitates the sale of activity and experience tours.