• Ian McKerrow

    Head of International Business Development at the Edinburgh Whisky Academy

  • Ian's Ask

    "I want to make contact with heads of training and education at hospitality, drinks & education brands, both at home and abroad, who want to upskill their workforce with our accredited whisky education courses"

    “What are you hoping to achieve by attending the London Launchpad for Global Success event?”

    "The Academy is at the start of our global strategy with the launch of the online course. We have tied up with partners in Germany, India and Turkey and have contacts in Hong Kong, Belgium and Singapore. We have also established a relationship with the Chief Whisky Society (China).

    What the Academy needs is:

    1. Guidance on how to capitalise our premium position as the leading whisky educator
    2. International contacts for raising our profile globally


    In particular, we are hoping to be connected with brands who want to use our online platform to educate their staff, as well as influential whisky individuals who can promote the EWA brand within their circle of contacts."

    Business Profile

    The Edinburgh Whisky Academy was founded in 2015 by Kirsty McKerrow, who had previously been the Scandinavian Brand Ambassador for Moet. She recognised the need for a credible, independent, accredited whisky education offering. As a result, when she returned to Scotland she established the Edinburgh Whisky Academy. The EWA is the only SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) approved centre for whisky education and is now the leading, independent whisky educator.


    The Academy runs four courses: Diploma in Single Malt Whisky, Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky and the Diploma in Gin; recently, the Academy launched the Introduction to Whisky Certificate, which is delivered online and forms their first tier of whisky education. All course material is written and delivered by industry experts and the Academy’s target markets are the Whisky and Hospitality industries as well as whisky enthusiasts.