• Imogen Russon-Taylor

    Founder at Kingdom Scotland

  • Imogen's Ask

    I am looking into alternative selling channels and corporate gifting with the Scottish diaspora – hotels, clubs, venues, brand and service partnerships, alternative retail, events and pop-ups with high-end luxury audiences. Can you help?

    “What are you hoping to achieve by attending the London Launchpad for Global Success event?”​

    "There is so much appetite for Kingdom Scotland perfumes and London is such an international gateway for luxury brands. This is a great chance to focus on maximising distribution and partnership opportunities in London. And I get to meet some inspiring contacts and like minded people too. Really looking forward to it."

    Business Profile

    Scotland’s first luxury fragrance house. Kingdom Scotland is a timeless Scottish realm explored in scent. This is a new Scottish luxury brand – with top quality scents and authentic stories. All perfumes are expertly made using the finest ingredients, and are matured and hand bottled. They are uniquely complex, last longer and have unisex appeal.



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